Working or Studying or Both?

Working or Studying or Both?

Do you have money problem where you need to pay for your studies as well as to fed yourself? Most of people in Malaysia are still facing poverty which include students and due to that they are unable to continue with their studies as they need to work to support their family. While some are so focus in studying that they lack of social skills, work experiences and ability to work with other people. Hence, here are few advantages of studying while working without the need to choose either both of it.

An extra income can help 
It might be hard when you need to settle with your assignments and then the next few hours; you’re already heading to your work place. However, a little sum of money would let you pay for load such as PTPTN or buy few necessities as some are still staying in dorm or colleges.

Gain Experiences
“Experiences matters a lot,” was the first thing a senior executive in a well-known company said during his interview regarding his job experiences. Even if you are only working as a clerk, or cashier or even just a part-timer at Mc Donald, what important is that experiences working with other people will come in handy in the future.
Plan it From the Start
If you already decided to work during your first semester in University, then you need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Working extra time will be tiring. Not to mention all the group projects, assignments and thesis that need to be submitted before the deadline. If you decided to work 4 times a week, then you need to rearrange your class schedules so that it would not clash with your working time. Also, remember to ask your boss’s permission to work based on per day-payment.
Applying for Scholarships
It would be harder if you use all of your salary to pay for the school or college’s fees, then in the end, what’s left for your salary? So, you can apply for scholarships or load from PTPTN to ease your payment during your studies at University. Even how busy you are working, never forget to manage your assignments and group projects wisely. Get a good grade so that after you graduated, you will able to find more suitable job that pay good salary in the future.

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