What to do When Facing the Lost of Someone Dear and a Big Exam at the Same Time

What to do When Facing the Lost of Someone Dear and a Big Exam at the Same Time


 It’s unquestionable that life is fickle. Every day is a constant change. It’s impossible to live the same day each day over and over again. That’s the beauty of it. At one point in our life, we may lose somebody dear to us. Mourning is a tough stage for us to go through especially if we are to face a big exam at the same time.


Imagine we’ve been preparing diligently for the exam, but suddenly this unpredictable occurrence happened. Should we just give up on the exam all together? Or should we just go on with it?


1.Give Yourself Sufficient Time to Grieve

When facing this kind of situation, be sure to give yourself enough time to grieve. Do it in your own way which can help you to pass through this hard time. Sometimes, you need to be alone but allow the people who care about you in too. Let them help you ease your sorrow. Don’t push them out totally.


Grieving is normal and the process period depends on that person’s emotional state. However, bear in mind that the person you’ve lost may not want you to stay sad for a long period of time. When you have enough time of grieving, you can make a sound decision on what to do about the big exam.


2. Seek the Advice of Your Family Members

If you feel like you’re lost and couldn’t decide on whether to go on with the exam, seek advice from you family members, especially the elders and those who have been through similar situation. Hear them out and weigh their opinions. They’ve experienced the situation so they can help you with your decision. Just make sure to keep an open mind while listening to the advice given.


3. Sleep on it Before You Decide

Take time for you to weigh everything before you decide on what to do. Sleep on it. Make sure you’ve taken everything into account when you’re deciding on whether to pursue it or not. Ask yourself, is it worth it if I give up on the exam? What harm can it bring to my future? Is this what that person want me to do? Mentally calculate the all the possible consequences of your decision.


4. Whatever You’ve Decided, Take a Leap of Faith

Finally, after you’ve decided on what to do, don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and move ahead with it. It doesn’t matter what other people will say because it’s your decision to make. Sure, they can advise you but they cannot take control of your life.


As long as you’ve considered all of the possible effects when making your decision, you’re good to go through with it. Just remember to consider what would that dear person you’ve lost want you to do. Whatever it is, they would definitely want the best for you.


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