Tutors Membership Plans

Tutor Membership Packages

* All Tutors are able to have their Profile added on iQTeach.

* Free Tutors do not have User Account to login and access.

Accessibility Free Tutors   Premium Tutors
Own User ID and Password to Login  
Tutor Profile Creation

Simple Profile Added by Admin


Able to add and edit anytime

Courses & Subjects

Added by Admin (Simple and brief)


Able to add and edit anytime

One-to-One Tutoring  
E-Learning Tutoring  
Sell Learning Materials on Shop  

Added by Admin

Access To Blog  
Uploading of Digital Materials  
Commission 50% Commission   30% Commission
Registration Fee FREE   3 Months: RM30 / 1 Year (Annually): RM100

For Premium Tutors, please bank in to our account that will be provided to you upon successful approval of the submission.

Thank you

Membership Plans for Premium Tutors

Get Access to more of iQTeach's Features
3 Month Access
Usual: RM45
Save: RM15
1 Year Access (Annually)
Usual: RM180
Save: RM80