The Importance of Education

The Importance of Education

Life is a lifelong learning process. Each day we get to learn and experience new things. This process is called education. Education is one of the important aspects of our life. Without it, we are lost and stuck in the maze of life.

Education may only be one word, but the context of it is vast. How exactly can education benefit us?

People may not realize it but every day we go through progressions. Even the simplest thing that we may have just discovered is an education process. This small step will then lead to even bigger discoveries.

Once we started to enter school, we are then being taught different kinds of subjects; science, arts, linguistic and others. We are exposed to these various types of subjects to help us explore our own capabilities. We all have distinct abilities and skills. We just have to figure out which suits us best. This is where education plays the role as a medium to help discover that ability and nurture our skills.

2. Helping Country’s Development
The main purpose of education is to tackle illiteracy among our society. Our country can flourish immensely if the level of illiteracy is low. Every one of us is considered an asset to the country and we can contribute to the country’s development. In pursuance of this, we need to educate ourselves first. With enough knowledge, it’s not impossible for us to achieve extraordinary discoveries that can aid our country’s development.

3. Making the World a Better Place
Additionally, the world would be a better place through education. Our world consists of diverse people with numerous unique cultures. As cultures collide with each other, it’s possible for us to not see eye to eye due to the nature of our culture. This is where tolerance is needed. Educating ourselves about others’ culture will make it easy for us to instill the tolerance value in ourselves. This is because the learning process will open up our mind to see the world differently from each other point of view.

4. Connecting to Our Roots
In this modern time, most of us are focusing only on the present and the future. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. Nonetheless, the past is equally important too. Things that happened in the past shaped our society into what we are today. That's why history is significant and it's being taught in school. It tells us factual stories which happened before and the effect they have brought to our society. Plentiful lessons can be learned when studying history and the best part is that it connects us to our roots.

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