Poverty is Not a Barrier for Knowledge

Poverty is Not a Barrier for Knowledge

Poverty has become a serious issue in the world which spread aggressively in many countries, states and even schools. The economically disadvantaged students will have problems in school where they have far more disadvantages in many aspects compare to more wealthy students. This problem made it more difficult for the students to succeed in school. Hence, due to their economic struggles, they often drop out of school and some will choosing a low-paying job just to pay for luxury items even though they could achieve those if they able to study further and able to get a high-paying job. So, these are few things for teachers or an educator can do to help these students.

  1. Listen and believe in them

Even if you are not sure what to say or ability to deliver some appropriate motivation words for the students, then be a GOOD listener. When these kids trying to approach you by starting to ask opinions and telling you their problems at home, which means they are starting to feel comfortable with you. Thus, they are starting to trust you with their secrets and problems. Hence, you as a good listener should believe in them. It is not easy for someone to open up with you about their problem especially for those who have financial issues. Hence, these kids need some strong relationship bond between both educator and student for they need you to believe them.

  1. Let them Experience things

Students who are having serious problem in poverty, they are lacking of experiences in experiencing something new such as going for a field trip to the museum, exhibitions where they do not have the transport to go anywhere. Furthermore, their intelligence is limited due to their lacking of good reading materials to deepen their knowledge. Hence, it is important for the educators to bring them for trips to let them engulf with the new information as well as providing them easy resources of reading materials and internet connectivity.

  1. Giving them the Expectations they needed

Poverty does not mean dividing your expectations towards your students. It does not mean richer kids will have high expectations in succeeding while those who are less wealthy would not. Giving these kids higher hope in succeeding in exams and quizzes will increase their confidence without creating the barrier between wealth and poverty.

  1. Emerging of Positivity in the Students

Keep the mind and heart positive. You as the educator need to give the students the positive vibes so that they will stay positive. Even though their life is hard due to those limitations, however it does not mean that they need to stay pessimistic forever. They need guidance from someone who can give them the self-assurance about their studies.

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