Nominal ways to learn Foreign Language

Nominal ways to learn Foreign Language

Knowing how to speak a foreign language(s) is advantageous. If you are applying for a job, you can add it to the list of languages you can speak in your resume. It will definitely enhance your resume and your chances of getting hired are increased. However, most people are afraid to take a foreign language class because it’s quite pricey for them. There are actually economical ways to learn foreign languages. Below are some.


  1. Movies

You can learn the language through the movies you watch. Pick the language that you have an interest in and find movies which are using that language. However, it doesn’t really work if you only watch it once. It has to be consistent. Watch with subtitles in the language that you understand to grasp the meaning and context. Listen carefully to the pronunciations of the words. It may take some time to be fluent with this way, but you will be able to master it slowly.


  1. Songs

Another interesting medium is through songs. By listening to the songs repetitively, you will slowly be able to comprehend the meaning of the words and how to use them in a sentence. As the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once put forth, music is a universal language of mankind. You can get lyrics of the music in a romanized style along with the translation in the language that you understood. For instances, if you want to learn Korean, you can search for the lyrics in Youtube which is already romanized. The romanized style helps you with the pronunciation, as the Korean language has their own distinct alphabet which is called Hangul. There will also be an English translation below it along with the Hangul characters. If you study them diligently and continuously, you can master the basic of the language in no time.


  1. Online Learning

There are a few websites which provide free lessons on languages. You just need to register and create a profile to use their services. They might offer add-ons or upgrades that require payment but you can choose whether to purchase them. If you have the means then there’s nothing wrong with purchasing them to augment your learning. You don’t have to attend classes when you can just learn it from the comfort of home. How blessed is our generation to have such advance technology!


  1. Dictionary

The most basic thing to have when learning a new language is a dictionary. It is the most reliable source of learning. You can either buy a physical copy in the bookstore or you can download the application on your smartphone. All of the methods above work better with a dictionary because if you are facing with any doubts, you can refer to the dictionary. Nothing can go wrong with a dictionary.

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