Motivate Yourself After Examination

Motivate Yourself After Examination

Each and every one of us would understand the meaning of failing the exams or gained low grade for the important examinations such as SPM, O-Level’s, and final exams in University and so on. Does that keep you down? Or worse, is it tough enough that it breaks you into pieces making it hard to continue studies? If you are having the difficulties on how to deal with the stress, then here are few tips to inspire you after exams.
1. Change your mindset
Some phycologists said think differently, hence the result will be based on the way you’ve been thinking. Now, is that true? Well, actually it is true! For example, if you always think negatively such as you kept on thinking that you will fail the examination without even trying, then eventually you will fail, miserably. It is because; your mind has set that you will fail, then your actions will take place later following your way of thinking. Hence, remember to think positively to gain positive results.
2. Remind yourself about the things you’re good at
Everyone is good at something such as drawing, sports, sculpturing, or even memorizing. Even if you are not so bright, let say you commonly get low grades compare than other people; however, that does not mean that you are dumb. You need to think positive that one day you will use your talent to be successful in life. Take the late Steve Jobs as an example, where he was actually a dropout student from a University, yet he was successful due to his creativity and innovation that able him to produce a phone called iPhone which was used worldwide.


3. Give yourself a treat after exam
You have done your best in memorizing, brain-storming and answer all the examination’s questions for the past few days, so you deserve to give yourself at least a little treat. Go enjoy yourself with movies, doing some sports activities or buy yourself a cup of Starbucks. It does not mean that all you need to do is answering the questions recklessly just to get a treat from yourself after the exam; however, you need to do the best in every exam so that you can enjoy that treat happily.


4. Promise something interesting for the next examinations
Next time when the examinations approach, promise yourself that you can do well in each exam. By means, if you have done your best and you receive the results that worth your effort, promise yourself that you will have good future when you all grow up. It might be hard, but by psychologically think that way, nothing is impossible.

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