How to save money while studying abroad?

How to save money while studying abroad?

Is it possible to save money while studying somewhere other than your own country? It will not be an easy decision where you need to keep afloat for 3-4 years all by yourself, just for the sake of learning. The hardest part is to save money while you need to pay for the house rental, program’s fees and food supplies. The answer to that question is, yes, there are ways. In fact, there are many ways and here are few tips you can do to save up some of that money.
Learn to Budget 
When you are studying abroad, you need to make some research where are you staying. Is the country has smaller currency than your country or a lot higher? Do your math, and know your basic necessities such as your house’s supplies, rice, inner gourmets, and even toothbrush. Walk around the area you are staying, and search for the stores that sell these necessities cheaper. Familiarizing yourself! If you are leaving in the hostel, budget your money with food and stationaries as well as less partying.
Use Public Transports regularly
In some countries such as the Indonesia, Philippines, China, Malaysia and India that have low fares which made it easier for you to get to your destinations without worrying much about the fare. These public transports such as city buses, rapid transit (subways/ metro and etc), ferries, and commuter are more likely have low fares. Moreover, no need to worry if you are late to class or stuck in the jam, because public transports have their specific timetable which they need to follow strictly and some drivers know the fastest routes in town.

Get used to the Local dishes
When you are able to find good stores that sell cheap necessities and goods, you will be able to save money. Learn to cook the local dishes in the country as the ingredients will be lot cheaper than international food or restaurants. Be economical with your necessities and diet.

Apply for Scholarship
Applying for a good scholarship might be a hard one, but there is no harm in trying. You also can apply for competitive scholarships in your own country such as JPA, Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman, MAYBANK Baitumal or you can get scholarships from host institutions. Important is, even if you received a small amount of cash, but as long as they are grants that no need to be repaid, that should be enough.

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