How to Prepare for Final Examination

How to Prepare for Final Examination

Most people would cringe upon hearing the word examination and then stress would hit them at an alarming speed. Thereafter, pressure and agitation sets in. The need to ace the exam is what causing them to feel that way. Especially during finals. Finals could be the most stressful examination that every student have to undergo since it could be a determinant of their overall result.
Here are a few tips to help you with your game plan.

1. Pacify Yourself

One must brace themselves the right way before going into war. Sometimes your body betrays you, causing you to feel edgy especially when D-day is getting closer. Who doesn't get nervous when facing a big exam?

It's okay to feel nervous at times as it's in our human nature. Nonetheless, if it's excessive, it can outweigh you. Getting too caught up in that feeling can make you lose focus on your study. Train yourself to combat it and not let it take over you. Find a suitable tactic to help you to remain placid as others' tactic may not fit you well. Slay those 'monsters' in your own style!

2. Steer Clear of Cramming
Cramming is very popular among the students. Procrastination may be the culprit behind this. Students tend to postpone their study until the very last minute. Hence, cramming appears to be the only choice. Yes, cramming may work for some people, but not all of us have the same ability to absorb all of the crammed info in such short time.

Avoid cramming and don't make it your best friend. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and plan a study schedule according to your capability.

3. Single Out Vital Info
When reading notes or other study materials, try to single out the essential ones. There's no need to memorize the whole thing word by word. Identify the keywords that can help you to remember them.

4. Get Yourself Some Study Buddies
For some, studying by themselves can be boring and confusing. They may have tons of questions playing in their heads unanswered. If you feel like you are this type of people, you should consider forming a study group. Find people you are comfortable with and work out your schedule. Sometimes, in exams, it's easy to forget the essentials even though you've read them multiple times before but when someone explained it to you in person, you can remember it very well. Don't be shy to seek help from your friends to be your study buddy(s). Who knows? They might need your help in other subjects as well.

5. Replenish Yourself
Studying alone doesn't ensure that you'll ace the exam. Give your body a chance to recharge itself. Take breaks in between your study. Listening to music and singing helps a lot of people to block the stress from eating them. Finally, prior to the exam, ensure that you have enough rest to freshen up your mental and physical state. This will help you to concentrate better during the exam.

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