How to Indulge in Your Studies  

How to Indulge in Your Studies  


Most students feel that studying is a torture. Some even make a joke about the word studying itself contain the word dying. Some even gave up studying with the classic excuse that it isn’t for everyone. Yes, studying can be tough but you can turn it into a fun learning experience.

Below are a few pointers on how to make studying enjoyable.


  1. Conduct Quiz Games with Friends

Gather your friends and conduct exciting quiz games with them. This can be done after finishing a chapter or topic in your study. Let everyone in the group contribute a question or two for the quiz. It doesn’t have to be a boring quiz session. Make it entertaining, maybe like a game show.


You can prepare rewards for anyone who gets it right and perhaps a soft punishment for those who gets it wrong but don’t make it a harsh punishment. For example, shoot them with a water gun, make them chug bitter (but healthy) vegetable juices or throw flour at them. It’s going to be messy but at least it’s lively. Use your creativity to make it more engaging.


  1. Take Breaks in Between

Don’t push yourself too hard. Pushing yourself too hard can cause you to forget everything that you’ve read. Give yourself some time to refresh by taking breaks in between your study. Let’s say you planned to study for 3 hours. You can take 10-15 minutes break every half hour to freshen yourself up. Have some snacks, watch a music video or a short funny video, anything that could help you to energize yourself. This would require self-discipline though because sometimes you can be too caught up in those breaks. Don’t use those breaks to stop the studying session.


  1. Use Music to Boost Your Mood

Music is everyone’s best friend. There are different music genre matching every feeling that we have. So why not use music to boost your mood while studying? Choose suitable music that can stimulate you during your study session. Create a playlist(s) in your music player and play them for every study session. It can help reduce the stress and pressure out of you.


  1. Use Images Instead of Words

It’s undeniable that looking at too much word for a long period of time can drive you crazy. Most of us prefer images rather than words. Here’s a suggestion, draw what you’ve read. Create a relevant story about the things you’ve read about but using drawings. Draw images related to them. A simple drawing will suffice. It doesn’t have to be an A-grade drawing as long as you understand it yourself. This is when you practice your drawing skill. Besides, it’s fun and it helps you to remember better.

  1. Put a Reward for Every Chapter You Managed to Master

Set a reward for every chapter and when you’ve mastered each chapter, claim those rewards. This also requires self-discipline to ensure that you don’t claim those rewards before you even finished mastering the whole topic. Choose reasonable rewards that can motivate you to complete the whole chapter. You deserve some treats for your hard work.


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