Students' Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How fast can I get a tutor?
Q2. Do I have to pay for a deposit and How much is it?
Q3. Can I request for a change of tutor if I find he or she is not suitable?
Q4. How can I get a tutor from you?
Q5. How do you select your tutors?
Q6. How is the tuition time scheduled?
Q7. I can't find my subjects on IQteach.com, can I still make a request?
Q9. What is the price?
Q10. What is the process of getting a tutor?
Q11. Which areas do you provide tuition in?
Q12. How to request a tutor?
Q13. How we can be of help?
Q14. Will it be safe to provide the personal information online?
Q15. How much is the tuition commission?
Q16. How do I make payment of the tuition fees?
Q17. Are your tutors reliable?
Q18. Can I change my tutor?
Q19. Where and when are tuitions conducted?
Q20. How much is the tuition fees?
Q21. Can I cancel the tuition?
Q22. What is the duration or frequency of tuition lesson? Any minimum lessons?
Q23. Can I have and interview with the recommended tutor(s) or have a trial lesson with them?

Tutors' Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much do you charge for a commission?
Q2. I’m not sure if I should apply as a tutor?
Q3. Where would the tuition be conducted?
Q4. What is the minimum commitment period?
Q5. What happen if a client terminate or cancel the tuition?
Q6. What should I do if I want to cancel an assignment I have agreed to take up?
Q7. What if I did not attend the first lesson?
Q8. What if I need to terminate within 1 month period?
Q9. What if I am terminated by the client before one month?
Q10. What is expected on the first lesson?
Q11. Who is eligible to apply as a tutor?