Choosing the Right Path in College  

Choosing the Right Path in College  


After finishing high school or secondary school, the inevitable question that always pops out is “What’s your next plan?”. This is the common question that everyone around us is asking, including ourselves. It’s like we’re at an intersection with a lot of junctions ahead, unsure of which to take, scared of making the wrong choice.

The worst part is when we are sure of which path to venture into, but our family members aren’t so fond of that particular path. So how can you be sure that the path you’ve chosen is the right one?


  1. You Can’t, You Just Need to have Faith

Honestly, you can’t really be 100% sure that the path you’ve chosen is the right one because you can’t foresee the future. Life is always unpredictable. We just need to have faith and hope in what we do. Just listen to your inner voice. Although others’ opinion matter, but yours matter the most for it is you who are going to go through that process, not them. Believe in yourself and have faith in your choice. Don’t be afraid to take the risk just because someone told you that it’s not worth it.


  1. Choose Courses Compatible with Your Skills

Before stepping into college or university, discover your talents and skills. This will help you to choose your pathway. Do some research on courses related to whatever you’re good at but make sure that you are interested in those courses as well. There’s no use pursuing it if you’re not into them. You have to have the passion as well to succeed in the major that you’ve chosen. Imagine waking up early, coming to class every day with zero interest. What a waste of time and money! So, pick the major that suits your capabilities and soul.


  1. Avoid the Choosing-to-impress-someone Behavior

Sometimes, we do things to impress the people around us rather than to benefit ourselves. Probably because we want to be acknowledged by them and we don’t want to be seen as self-centered. Be that as it may, if done excessively, it can take a toll on us. Sure you would want the people you care about be happy but if it involves our future shouldn’t we have a say in it as well?


Don’t choose your major just because you need to impress someone. When you do that, you’ll only impress them for a while but you’re the one who’s going to experience it for a long period of time. Is that really worth it? It’s good to put others first, but you also need to put yourself first every once in a while.



  1. Remember that Your Choice of Major Doesn’t Necessarily Determine Your Career

We can plan for the future, but as it comes, sometimes things just don’t go as what is planned. Some people have different careers than the majors they took in college or university. For instances, in college, this person majored in engineering but he/she turned up to be an actor or actress. Nevertheless, don’t think of it as a waste of time. He/she can still apply their skill someway. Maybe do a part time job to look for side income.


Whatever major you choose, do your very best in it. Focus on completing it successfully in order to see the end result. Your career will eventually come after. You just need to really want it and work hard for it.


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