Chasing Stress Away!

Chasing Stress Away!


 Stress can rob you of your sanity. It will keep pressuring you until you feel useless and depressed. Sometimes, a little bit of stress is good to provide us with adrenaline to complete our task but to be overloaded with stress can be nasty to our health too. Stress is a natural occurrence and it will come and visit us from time to time. Thus, it’s best for us to de-stress ourselves to ensure that it doesn’t take control of us. There are a few techniques you can try to chase that stress away.


  1. Have ‘Me Time’

When you feel like the stress is overwhelming you, have a time-out. Pause whatever you’re doing that is causing the stress. Don’t let it nudge you even further to the edge. Do whatever you feel is helpful to de-stress. Take a nap, watch funny videos and maybe take a shower. Some people said that a shower is effective to refresh the body and mind. Only continue after you feel recharged . Take your due ‘me-time’ and use it to melt away that awful stress.


  1. Sing the Stress Out

You don’t have to go to a karaoke outlet to sing your heart out. With the advance technology we have now, you can easily use your laptops or mobile phones. Just by surfing the Internet or downloading some applications, you can find numerous instrumental songs ranging from the oldies to the new ones. Choose your jam and sing your heart out. It really helps in ridding the stress. Scientifically speaking, singing releases a hormone called endorphins which can aid in elevating stress and anxiety. Hence, grab that mic and start de-stressing yourself.


  1. Go for Desserts

As cliché as it is stressed spelled backward is desserts. The sweetness of the desserts can make you forget about your stress. Take your pick and indulge in it. However, don’t overdo it. Practice moderation because too much of the sweetness can affect your health negatively.


  1. Round Up Your Squad

If you feel like you’ve reached your limit and you can’t go on with your task or studying anymore, give your squad members a buzz. Spend some quality time with them. Go shopping, play games together or just have a talk at a cafe. Doing these activities will replenish you before you continue with your task or studying.


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