Becoming a Martial Arts’ Instructor

Becoming a Martial Arts’ Instructor

You are an instructor for martial arts classes such as capoeira, karate, judo, taekwondo, silat, Muay-Thai and so on, whatever the classes you taught, you need or will develop these potentials as a martial arts’ instructor.

  • Good Recognition of Individuality

Every student you teach is trying to learn and understand the world around them which they wanted to achieve through martial arts. Each of these students has their own talents which come more naturally once they know their own pace in learning something new, hence it is your duty as an instructor to identify and guide them individually. As what was mentioned by Sang H. Kim who wrote a book entitled Teaching Martial Arts saying that it is important to set the standards for students based on their abilities and talents and as well as to encourage their individuality.

  • Motivated and Energetic to Teach

Upon asking “what are the reasons for you to continue teaching martial arts?” Some might answer that they wanted to gain some side income, or some might say they wanted some fame so that their studio will expand as stated in their wish list, then there are those people who just wanted to pass down the martial arts’ traditions so that it would not disappear forever. Any reasons could be either right or wrong in terms of teaching. However,  all of it is depends on the instructor, where they have their own reasons to be motivated to teach people because, by end of the day, those people who they taught will either gain knowledge and skills from everything they learn.

  • Becoming Better Each Day

When you teach people martial arts every day, you are experiencing deeper knowledge and able to deepen your skills. As the philosophy stated that, people will keep on learning until they die. Once you are excellent and gotten better in some skills or talents, hence you have the confidence to able to teach people what you capable of and hoping that they will become better as well.

  • Ethical controlled

Most of the martial arts are teaching about enhancing individuality, discipline, self-control and focus. Hence, as an educator and instructor, you need to able to teach others these important ethical values once you are able to master it yourself. Other than that, you are able to help the students to develop their interest in martial arts as a pathway for them to restrain themselves from doing something useless.

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